Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

There are times when our installed cooking equipment can fail to work. And getting a new one will be expensive. In such cases, it’s good to have a backup option such as a portable cooktop.

A portable cooktop allows you to save your kitchen space. You can also carry them on a picnic or camping trip. The best part is that they work as efficiently as the standard kitchen equipment.

Top 8 Best Portable Cooktop In 2021

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Techwood Electric Hot Plate

Works for all utensils

Adjustable temperature

Comes with a warranty

Max Burton Digital Cooktop

Easy to carry

Large surface

Has a timer option

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Isiler Induction Cooktop

Adjustable timer

Has a safety lock

Adjustable preset temperature levels

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Cadco Hi-Power Countertop

Easy to clean

Compact design

High durability

Cusimax Portable Cooktop

Stainless steel construction


Two heat settings

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Duxtop Induction Cooktop

LCD dispaly

Two cooking zones

Compatible with various cookware

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Advanced technology

Automatic switch-off option

13 heat settings

PCR-1B By Broil King

Built for long-term use

Works with all cookware

Comes with a built-in thermostat

1. Best Portable Cooktop: Duxtop Induction Cooktop - Best Overall

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

If you want a portable cooktop that cooks fast yet efficiently, look no further than Duxtop Induction Cooktop. It is one of the most precise devices on the market and offers you two burners. So you can cook at least two meals at once.

What's so great about this portable cooktop is that it has many remarkable features. For example, you can boil water in less time than a regular stove. This means that you can cook meals such as soup and pasta promptly. The extra controls of the cooktop also make it superior to other similar devices.

With various power and cooking modes, you can personalize the cooktop to the exact dish. The device also comes with a timer option and a safety lock. This means you can leave it in the kitchen without worrying about your kids messing around with it. 

However, the best thing about the Duxtop Induction Cooktop is that is it has a power-sharing feature. So, for example, you can set one burner at a power of 1000W while the other at 800W. This allows you to cook different items with ease.


  • Features are convenient
  • Perfect for outdoor trips
  • You can clean it easily with a damp towel
  • Boil water promptly


  • Comes with a learning curve
  • Compatible with only magnetic utensils

2. Best Portable Cooktop: Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop is a device that can make you forget about your regular stove. It is perfect in many aspects and makes cooking effortless. One of the best things is that it can provide as reliable heating as a kitchen stove. Thus, it is the best substitute if your standard equipment is not working. 

The cooktop has a sleek design, and the minimal display gives it an attractive look. One of the burners operates in eight different settings. Meanwhile, the other pad has five heating options. So you can customize the range according to your meals with ease.

What is so unique about this product is that it switches off automatically. Once you remove your utensil, the heat will turn off after 30 seconds. So even when you forget to switch off the device, no need to panic. Another great thing is that you can set the timer to up to 150 minutes.

The device also has an easy control system. That is why it is perfect for beginners as well as pros. What sets this cooktop apart from others is that it only provides heat to the pans. So your room temperature won’t increase because of the portable cooktop.


  • Heats only pan and not the room
  • Easy to use
  • Provides uniform heating to the cookware
  • Great alternative when the stove is not working or gas runs out


  • Refund warranty does not cover shipping fees
  • No safety lock option

3. Best Portable Cooktop: Cadco Hi-Power Countertop

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

Cadco Hi-Power Countertop is a commercial-grade cooking device. You can easily deduce this by just taking one glimpse. It has a single coil burner and a stainless-steel body. While the cooktop is compact, it provides efficient heating.

The device is easy to operate with a simple on/off switch. It also comes with indicator light. That is why you'll never forget to turn off the heat. Besides that, for changing heat, a simple knob is provided. So if you don’t love devices with electronic options, the Cadco Countertop is right up your alley.

What's so fantastic about this cooktop is that it has ventilation slots. So even when you make things at high heat, the body will be relatively cool. This means your hand won't severely burn if you touch it accidentally. The base is also broad, so you can use up to 10 inches skillets easily. 

Besides that, the maximum power of the countertop is 1500 watts. Thus, it is strong enough to cook all types of meals. Not to mention the device spreads heat evenly. So all areas of the food cook thoroughly.


  • Highly durable
  • Best for cooking various meals
  • Rubber feet offers extra stability
  • Temperature is variable


  • Weight load is limited
  • Expensive

4. Best Portable Cooktop: Isiler Induction Cooktop

Top 8 Portable Cooktop In 2021

The Isiler Induction Cooktop offers you all benefits of portable cooking without a significant price tag. The device may be average-priced, but don't be fooled by that. It functions impressively and gives all the expensive induction cooktops a run for their money.

It can easily replace your kitchen stove with remarkable features. The device is compact and convenient to carry as well as use. The quick heating will make you fall in love with the cooktop. 

You can also vary the temperature using 20 or 60 degrees increments. A great feature of the device is that it has a sensor touch. So you don’t need to worry about buttons not working. The Isiler Cooktop is made from top-notch materials.

What sets the cooktop apart from competitors is that it offers an extended range of timers. For example, you can select the time to up to 3 hours. Typically, portable cooktops don't go above 150 minutes.


  • It comes with a magnetic sticker to check if pan is compatible
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Offer prompt and even heating
  • Safety lock reduces the chances of injury significantly


  • Fan can be noisy for some
  • Has only one burner

5. Best Portable Cooktop: PCR-1B By Broil King

The PCR-1B is one of the best portable cooktops on the market. The model lives up to its promise of making cooking a breeze. With a power rating of 1500 watts, you can quickly boil and simmer food items. The best part is that cooking is not time-consuming with PCR-1B.

What's so exciting about the cooktop is that it offers an excellent temperature control option. The device has a built-in thermostat. So after you select the suitable temperature, the cooktop will adjust heat accordingly to maintain it. You can observe this through the indicator light that blinks on and off.

Another great feature of PCR-1B is that it can hold large pots and utensils really well. The device is stable and can withstand a load of 10 pounds. The flat surface of the burner is also relatively easy to clean. Not to mention that it is compatible with all utensils.

If you love traditional devices with a lesser electronic interface, the PCR-1B is suitable for you. The cast iron built also makes it highly durable and lightweight. So you can rely it on for many years.


  • Does not heat the kitchen countertop
  • Surface is wide
  • Heats up efficiently
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy
  • Can only hold up to 8-quart pots

Cusimax Portable Cooktop is one of the most versatile tools on the market. It is a double burner that allows you to cook two meals simultaneously. The best thing is that its efficiency does not compromise when you make use of both burners.

What's so great about this model is that it comes in regular heating and infrared heating versions. So if you want to cook promptly, then the infrared burner will meet all your expectations. The portable cooktop will make cooking effortless and allow you to save time.

The device can help you cut down on the gas bill by offering efficient heating. It is also made from advanced technology that prevents it from rusting. Not only that, but the design is precise and offers extra stability when you place large utensils.

Each burner has a power rating of 900 watts. This means you can use the device for meals ranging from small to medium sizes.


  • Heats up fastly
  • Suitable for various locations
  • Cleaning the device is hassle-free
  • Knob controls are easy to operate


  • Not ideal for cooking large meals
  • Should clean right after cooking or spots will be hard to remove

The Techwood Electric Hot Plate is the best infrared portable cooktop. It allows you to cook promptly without investing a large sum. Not only that, but it keeps the food warm for a long time after cooking.

With a minimalistic design, you can carry this cooktop everywhere. You can use it in an RV, college dorm, and much more. Of course, the reasonable price is a cherry on the top. Not to mention that despite the lower price, the construction materials are top-notch.

The Techwood Electric Plate consists of two burners that offer even heating. The power rating of the device is 1800 watts and has an energy-efficient design. This means that heat loss is minimum and so you can cut down on the utility bills.

One great thing about this infrared cooktop is that it is compatible with all types of pans and pots. So your cooking won't be limited.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Easy to store
  • Does not overheat
  • Cleaning process is simple


  • Power switch is on the top, so some heavy utensils can turn the device off
  • Boiling time is longer than usual

The Max Burton Digital Cooktop offers efficient heating and is also compatible with some induction cookware. One of the attractive features of the device is its load capacity. It can support utensils of up to 60 pounds. 

With a direct heating system, the cooktop increases the temperature of the cookware efficiently. But, at the same time, it does not circulate heat around the room. So cooking in a warm kitchen will become a thing of the past with this device.

The Max Burton Cooktop comes with a wireless temperature probe. So you can adjust it to the exact value required for cooking. This is something that most devices don’t offer.

Besides that, the cooking deck is quite spacious and can hold pots of various sizes. Not to mention that you can program the cooking by setting whatever time you want.


  • Cooks thoroughly
  • Heat loss is minimum
  • Suitable for cooking a long meal
  • Boils water quickly


  • Fan can be noisy for some
  • Beep noise when you change temperature can be annoying

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about the best portable cooktop in 2021. All the products are of top quality and will make cooking anywhere a breeze for you. So rest assured one of these cooktops will surely meet your needs and budget.

Our top choice is the Duxtop Induction Cooktop. The device is of a glass cooktop design and offers efficient heating. Not only that, but it is super easy to clean. The best part is that it follows all safety and electrical regulations.

With a portable cooktop, you can enjoy healthy food with ease. It will help save money in the long run. So by investing in the device, you can enjoy numerous benefits for many years.

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