Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

Traveling outdoors in winters can be challenging, especially if you don't have the proper gear, such as hiking boots. They make walking on various surfaces comfortable and a breeze. Additionally, they protect your feet from cold and prevent ankle injuries. However, with such variety in the market, finding a good pair can be tricky. That is why here is a comprehensive guide for the best winter hiking boots.

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

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Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

XPETI Thermator Hiking Boots

Rubber toe cap


Good traction

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV

Excellent grip

Relatively lightweight

Highly durable

Kamik Nationplus Boot

Men only

Solid build


Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

UGG Adirondack Boot III

Women only

Inner wool lining


Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus


Extra traction

KEEN Targhee II


High stability

Mesh lining

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

Sorel Caribou

Wool cushioning

Suitable for long hikes

Removable inner boot

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

Baffin Impact

Nylon built

No laces

For both men and women

1. Best Winter Hiking Boots: Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV - Best Overall

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

If you're looking for winter hiking boots that win in all aspects, look no further than Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV. The shoes are fantastic for all sorts of winter activities. You can wear them for hikes, skiing, snowshoeing, and daily use. The best part is that they won't wear out even after years of use.

Many winter hiking boots on the market excel in some features. But the Bugaboot Plus IV is an all-rounder. They are light yet will keep your feet warm in all weather conditions. The construction is a mixture of leather and nylon, which are the two best winter footwear materials.

What's so great about these boots is the Michelin outsoles. Because of them, hiking on rough terrains is a breeze. They offer stability and a firm grip on snow too. Not to mention these boots have a version for men as well as women.

Another fantastic thing about the Columbia Bugaboot is that they have insulation of 200 grams yet are lightweight. The reason behind this is the precise and balanced construction. If you want to hike in winters with ease, then these boots should be your go-to choice. They are affordable yet of high quality.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Insulation is adequate
  • Reasonable price


  • No rubber or steel toe cap
  • Waterproofing is average

2. Best Winter Hiking Boots: UGG Adirondack Boot III – Runner Up

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

If you're a woman looking for some fashionable yet sturdy winter hiking boots, then look no further than UGG Adirondack Boot III. It is not often that manufacturers use wool in boots. And that is what makes this footwear so unique.

The inner wool lining is a blessing for winters. It will keep your feet warm and offers high insulation in wet conditions too. Not to mention the plushy feeling makes the hike super comfortable and pain-free. The waterproofing system is also solid. So walking around snow and water puddles is a breeze.

Adirondack Boot III also offers excellent traction on ice, snow, dirt, and mud. That is why you can wear them for all types of terrains. With these boots, you can have some peace of mind while walking on slippery surfaces. The grip is fantastic, and so you don't have to worry about falling.

Another thing the brand got right is the lacing system. By loosening the top four laces, you can quickly wear and remove these boots. This efficient system saves time and makes sure that you don't have to tuck out your foot directly. The shoes are also lightweight and make walking effortless.


  • Stylish
  • Versatile design
  • Warmth is perfect
  • Hiking is a breeze with these boots


  • Pricey for some
  • Not suitable for walking in deep snow as height is short

3. Best Winter Hiking Boots: Sorel Caribou

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

The Sorel Caribou is one of the most comfortable winter footwear. The boots have a casual look and can be used for other purposes too. The best thing about them is their construction.

With a felt inner lining, your feet can remain warm for hours in these boots. Not only that, but you can be comfortable at all times. That is because the lining acts as a soft cushioning.

A great feature of this footwear is that the liner is removable. This means if your boots get wet in snow or puddles, you can dry them with ease. The rubber sole also offers excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

However, keep in mind that covering long distances in Sorel Caribou may be tricky. The boots are a little heavy due to superb insulation. Nonetheless, for short winter hikes, there is no better footwear than Sorel Caribou.


  • Comfy
  • Great finishing and appearance
  • The lacing system is hassle-free
  • It keeps the feet very warm


  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for long hikes

4. Best Winter Hiking Boots: Baffin Impact

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

If you're looking for boots to hike in harsh winter weather, look no further than Baffin Impact. They are made particularly to withstand icy conditions. With excellent insulation, your feet and toes will never feel cold in these boots.

What's so exciting about this footwear is that it does not have a lace system. Instead, you can secure and tighten the boots using buckles. That is why they are one of the most efficient hiking boots.

The insulation system consists of eight layers of polyester and foam. So you can count on these boots to keep you warm. Another great thing about Baffin Impact is its height. So you can wear them in deep snow without any worries of snow getting inside your boots.


  • Can withstand freezing temperature
  • Insulation is excellent
  • Buckle-fastening system
  • Waterproof interior


  • Bulky
  • Breathability in mild conditions is low

5. Best Winter Hiking Boots: XPETI Thermator Hiking Boots

Top 8 Best Winter Hiking Boots In 2021

Protection, comfort, and insulation are three essential features to have in winter hiking boots. And the XPETI Thermator offers all of these three things and much more. You can walk on mountains and rocky surfaces with these boots.

Many users love the high comfort that this footwear offers. And one of the reasons behind that is the thoughtful construction. The boots have ankle support and sufficient padding for comfort. They also have a loop at the back that you can use to wear or remove them quickly.

The waterproof membranes live up to their quality. So you can be at ease that water and snow won't enter your boots. The breathability is also quite good and keeps your feet relatively cool. This means that you will be warm but not sweaty.

However, the feature that sets apart XPETI Thermator Hiking Boots is the rubber toe cap protection. That is why you can hike on rugged terrains with confidence and safety. Not to mention the sole is made out of top-quality material and offers a firm grip. So if you want your winter hike to be a breeze, getting these boots would be a good choice.


  • Great ankle support
  • Waterproofing is solid
  • Toe cap protection
  • Offers great traction


  • Laces are of average quality
  • Relatively larger than the actual size

The KEEN Targhee II is excellent footwear for hiking in winter. The boots can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. They have a solid leather construction that makes them one of the most durable winter hiking boots.

One of the best things about these boots is that their sizing is accurate. So you can order them with more confidence. Not only that but they offer some room if you wear thick socks with your shoes. This means that your feet won't sweat, nor will you feel congested. 

With a solid built and modest look, you can wear these winter boots for casual meetups as well. Not to mention the footwear is comfortable for long walks and hikes. Once you remove the boots, you won't find any blisters or marks on your skin due to cushioned collar. 

However, the best thing about KEEN Targhee II is that they are one of the warmest winter boots despite not being insulated. The mesh lining will keep your feet warm in all weather conditions. All these features combined with lightweight design make hiking in winters a breeze and effortless. Not to mention they are available for men and women.


  • Suitable for winters and other seasons
  • Ankle support is fantastic
  • High traction due to lug outsole
  • Leaves no footprints


  • Some users have complained of soles coming off
  • Narrow for some

Columbia is one of the best brands of winter hiking boots. And their Newton Ridge Plus for women is super. With this footwear, you can hike for up to 12 hours without tiring yourself out.

They are lightweight and suitable for people with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis too. One of the reasons why these boots don't tire you is because of excellent arch support. Inner cushioning is another wow factor of these boots.

With a versatile tread pattern, you can walk on snow and icy surfaces effortlessly. Not to mention the rubber sole offers a firm grip on uneven terrains. So if you have issues maintaining balance during hiking, then these boots are best for you.

The design of the footwear is modern and minimal. That is why you can wear the shoes for regular use too.


  • Sturdy
  • Good for long hikes
  • It comes in various colors
  • Relatively reasonable


  • Inner cushioning is average
  • Laces are short

The Kamik Nation Plus Boot is for all men who love hiking long distances. They have a traditional look with leather upper parts and rubber lower parts. The thick rubber construction makes the footwear waterproof and offers incredible grip.

With a removable liner, you can control the warmth as per the weather conditions. Besides that, 200 grams of Thinsulate offers excellent insulation. The material is great for keeping feet warm in cold weather, and wearing thick socks will allow you to hike in harsh conditions.

Three essential features set these boots apart from other winter shoes. First, the nubby pattern of the tread allows you to have a firm grip on icy surfaces. Second, the base of the boots is broad. This means you can walk on smooth and snowy surfaces effortlessly.

Lastly, the lacing system is efficient and better than most other hiking boots on the market. Wearing and taking off footwear has never been this easy. Not to mention that tightening laces won't harm the seams. 

So if you want footwear that is budget-friendly yet offers an excellent experience, then Kamik Nationplus is the best choice. But keep in mind that Nationplus does not have a woman's version.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Warmth is adequate
  • Highly comfortable
  • Offers excellent support on various surfaces


  • Fit is loose
  • Men only
  • The temperature rating mentioned is inaccurate

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about the best winter hiking boots. Suitable footwear can enrich your winter traveling experience. They offer protection, stability, and comfort. So you don't have to worry about safety and travel limitations. 

Our top choice is the Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV. The footwear may be expensive, but that's because it is of top-notch quality. The materials used for construction are solid. Additionally, the boots offer high stability on smooth as well as rough terrains. That is why they make hiking a breeze.

All the products we have mentioned are mainly made for winter hikes. So you can rely on them to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Some of them even have a modest look, so you can wear them for everyday use. No matter which one you buy, rest assured all of them make hiking in winters effortless.

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